Vincent Diamante is an award-winning music composer / audio designer / game designer / photographer / writer / teacher / artsy person living in the Los Angeles area. He likes to keep himself busy doing random stuff. When he's not too busy working on Skullgirls as Audio Director @ Reverge Labs and teaching at the University of Southern California's Interactive Media Division, he's doing: other things.

Here are a few tracks I did recently while working on some titles that may or may not be released in the near future. Woman in the Dunes, Squad Arrangement, and Eyes on Targets.

Flower has been receiving a number of music accolades lately, but the Flower OST release is still a little bit away. So! Here's a Let's Play! thread on Something Awful I just discovered. Go through it and you'll find HD recordings of complete play throughs of every level of Flower. Honestly, the best way to experience the music is to play the game yourself, but if you're one of those guys who refuses to get a PS3, I guess this will have to do. I gotta admit, I'm still pretty darn happy with what I did for this level as well as the credits. (Did you know the credits music is comprised of three branching tracks of music totalling more than nine (9!) minutes?)

What? Want to hear stuff that's from things that you definitely won't be seeing on store shelves? Here you go: Battle Scarred Pauldrons, Dust Through The Trees, Geri and Gerry, and Fun Time Train Times.

You say you want something sort of more gamey sounding? Here's some stuff that I did on the side that has sort of a mid-90s Japanese vibe: Fun To Crash and Hunting Mushrooms.

I recently made an arranged version of the soundtrack I did for Konami's Castlevania: Order of Shadows available on YouTube. Castlevania always seemed to get a slightly different sound everytime it moved to another console, so I figured I'd do my own take on the classic franchise with this first cell phone iteration. My favorites from that score? Probably the two boss battle tracks: The Encounter and Coarse Grind.

Robochi Gets Flamed and Super Genocide Pirhanaman, two animated shorts by Jonathan "Persona" Kim featuring some sillier music by me.

More will be added here (as I work with clients over what I may or may not stream/host on this site).

Would you like to hear more stuff now rather than later? Interested in getting something specific out of me? Maybe I can share some more stuff with you. Go ahead and shoot me an e-mail...

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On Vincent Diamante...

" of indie gaming's leading renaissance men..." - Brandon Boyer / Boing Boing Offworld

"A mad genius renaissance man, game developer, composer, and writer." - Chris Dahlen / Edge Online

"His music is as awesome as his taste in burgers, and his taste in burgers is impeccable!" - Al Yang / THQ Online

On the soundtrack to Flower...

"Perhaps the highlight of Flower is its gorgeous instrumental soundtrack, which perfectly complements the dreamy yet crystal-clear environments... Flower's music is organic, vibrant and, at times, even propulsive - more Steve Reich than Richard D. James." - Jordan Deam / The Escapist

"L’ouïe est quant à elle stimulée par la bande originale. Magnifique. Vincent Diamante réussit la prouesse de composer une musique aussi bien pénétrante qu’envoûtante, mais surtout interactive et qui réagit en fonction des mouvements réalisés par le joueur. Elle représente également la seule forme de dialogue que vous engagerez avec le monde dans lequel vous évoluez. Tout élément interactif vous proposera un son différent. Tantôt triangle, tantôt flûte,… et bien d’autres instruments. La musique vous tiendra compagnie tout au long de votre aventure." - Nicolas Kreutzer / La Page Jeux Vidéo

"The melodic piano and woodwind (ha!) dominated score is one of the best ever recorded for a piece of digital entertainment and may be enough to make gamers of a more sensitive nature weep. It mirrors and accentuates the mood of the visuals with equal grace, whether that mood is contemplative, somber, rousing or ebullient. In short, this is the most stunningly evocative game soundtrack since Shadow of the Colossus." - Game Carr / BlogCritics

"La bande-son est tout simplement excellente. Les musiques collent parfaitement à l'ambiance et les bruitages finiront de vous immerger dans cette œuvre poétique." - Jeux Video

"Flower's greatest achievement, though, is the audio design, which is not only impressive from a technical perspective, but also has an impact on how you play the game. Each petal has a distinct audio cue, be it a string instrument or chorus song, and creating beautiful waves of sound is probably the greatest incentive for perfecting your path through each level." - Guy Cocker / Gamespot

"Si eres capaz de ir enlazando flores, de ir de una a otra como una mariposa, sentirás una tranquilidad pura, relajante. Esa sensación se ve ampliada por la sublime música –compuesta por Vincent Diamante-, que se genera con cada acción que ejecutas." - Xavi Robles / Eurogamer

On the soundtrack to Castlevania: Order of Shadows...

"The music, which has always been a strong point for the series, is fantastic for a mobile title..." - Andrew Podolsky / 1up

"The music tracks were well done..." - Chris Kohler / Wired